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Marquardt Dentists
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Marquardt Dentists
Parkstraße 21
50968 Cologne, Germany
Telephone +49. 221. 41 20 02
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We are professionals who have been trained at the most prestigious universities. You benefit from our specialization in dental prosthesis and biomaterials – not only for complicated treatments, which we easily perform with our technical and medical partners. You especially profit from our know-how when it comes to minor treatments and the professional dental care of children and adolescents.

Patient Service

You are always in focus. You can rely on skillful treatment with the security of being in the good hands of our dedicated team. Discretion, punctuality and personal availability in case of an emergency belong to the everyday services of our professional practice.

Natural Aesthetics

Your teeth are your business card and should make a good and healthy impression. It’s important to us that your dental prostheses are inconspicuously beautiful and not recognized as such. We have the needed specialist-know-how and can choose the right material for perfectly natural teeth with the best dental technicians from North Rhine-Westphalia and South Baden to Lake Chiemsee.


The stability of your teeth over many years and decades can only be achieved with highly precise work. That’s why we pay attention to every detail, use high magnification and a dental microscope that allows up to 40-times magnification, even in roots that are as thin as a strand of hair.

Dental Expertise for Chronically Ill or Healthy Patients

Chronic diseases, fatigue or even gastrointestinal problems are often triggered by ill-fitting prosthesis or incorrect pressure when chewing. The mouth is almost the only region that has permanent contact with foreign materials. Through our cooperation with the Institute of Medical Diagnostics (IMD) in Berlin / Cologne, we are able to obtain sound information about your health. Unlike complementary medicine, these new types of test procedures are scientifically proven and recognized and allow a completely new understanding of chronic infection.

Experience for Craniomandibular Dysfunction

Dr. Marquardt is an expert in treatment of complex rehablitations. In our team, we have specialists from all medical fields concerning malfunction and pain from your musculature and temporomandibular joint.


Quality treatment requires the most modern technical equipment. This also applies to our hygiene and quality management.