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Marquardt Dentists
Parkstraße 21
50968 Cologne, Germany
Telephone +49. 221. 41 20 02
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Marquardt Dentists
Parkstraße 21
50968 Cologne, Germany
Telephone +49. 221. 41 20 02
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Keeping teeth healthy throughout life is a complex matter. It needs technical knowledge as well as mutual trust and the will to continually move forward.

To ensure the quality of your dental treatment, you benefit from our close cooperation with specialists from various fields.

Since misaligned bites often go far beyond the jaw and head, we work hand in hand with doctors and therapists from neighboring medical specialties. Only in this way can we achieve an optimal outcome for your health.

Our Partner Practice in Frankfurt am Main:

Private Dental Practice for Implantology Dr. med. dent. Frank Spiegelberg, Schillerstrasse 26, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Our Partner for Hygiene and Quality Managment

Dental Synoptics Practice Management System, Widerholdstrasse 26f, 78224 Singen

Addresses from our Cologne Network

Dr. med. dent. Jörg Schwarze, Richard-Wagner-Straße 9, 50674 Köln

Dr. med. dent. Werner Schupp, Hauptstraße 50, 50996 Köln-Rodenkirchen

Zahntechnik Jürg Stuck und Annette von Hajmasy

Dentallabor Oliver Buchholz, Am Rheinufer 23a, 50999 Köln-Sürth

Da Vinci Dental, Glockengasse 3, 53340 Meckenheim

Arztpraxis Marienburg, Pferdmengesstraße 21, 50968 Köln

Umweltmedizinisches Zentrum im Raum der 5 Elemente, Marienburger Strasse 70, 50968 Köln

HNO Praxis Dres Sprüth & Renner, Hauptstrasse, 50996 Köln-Rodenkirchen

Marienburg-Apotheke, Pferdmengesstrasse, 50968 Köln

Physiotherapie Ewa Schreier, Bayenthalgürtel 26, 50968 Köln

Physiotherapie Dagmar Pardun, Ringstrasse 26, 50996 Köln-Rodenkirchen