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Marquardt Dentists
Parkstraße 21
50968 Cologne, Germany
Telephone +49. 221. 41 20 02
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Dr. med. dent. Pascal Marquardt

1995 to 2000: Studies at University of Freiburg, Germany.

2000 to 2001: State examination und DMD at the same University Clinic.


2000 to 2001: Assistent Docotor in the private practice of Dr. Markus Simon in Freiburg, Germany.

2002 to 2008: Associate Professor at the Department of Prothetic Dentistry of the University Clinic in Freiburg, Germany (Director Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Jürg Strub)

2005 to 2008: Head of postgraduate education

Since 2006

Dentist for Dental Implant Surgery and Prothodontics at the private clinic Praxis Dr. Simon (Freiburg, Germany), Privatpraxis für Zahnheilkunde von Dr. Michael von Uexküll (Hamburg, Germany), Praxis Dres. Konter & Kanehl (Hamburg, Germany), and since 2009 at the Clinic for Implant Dentistry Privatpraxis Dr. Frank Spiegelberg (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Since 2010

Founder and Director of Marquardt Dentists (Köln, Germany)


Scine 2009 Dr. Marquardt is chief medical consultant for SICinvent AG, Basel, Switzerland. Marquardt Dentists is Competence Center of the Schilli Implantology Circle.

Since 2009: Certified Specialist for Implantology of the German Academy of Implantology (DGI)

Since 2012: Marquardt Dentists is member of Leading Dental Implant Center.

Since 2015: Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Endodontics of the Zahnärztekammer Nordrhein


Since 2004, Dr. Marquardt is a certified Specialist of the German Academy of Prothodontics and Biomaterials (DGpro)


Specialist of the Academy of Prosthodontics and Biomaterials (DGpro)

Specialist of the German Academy of Implantology (DGI)

Active member of the German Academy of Endodontics und Traumatology(DGET)

Active Member of the German Academy for Holistic Dentistry (DEGUZ)

Since 2008 Affiliate Member of the European Academy of Aestetic Dentistry (EAED)

Scine 2012 elected as Active member of the „Neue Gruppe“.

Dr. Marquardt is a worlwide keynote speaker on international congresses for dental implantology.